Urgent food safety recall -Cat food
Vets all over the UK, have in the last week been reporting a large increase in cat’s with a condition called Pancytopenia. This is presenting as a severe condition where the cat’s bone marrow is not producing any cells, white or red which the cats require for normal health. These cats are presenting to vets having been lethargic for a few days with spontaneous bleeding episodes.
Vets are blood testing for all the normal causes of bone marrow failure but these are not typical cases. And despite treatment with blood transfusions, the cats are not recovering normal bone marrow function and are that ill that they are being euthanised. Currently, there is no known specific treatment available for this condition.
The RVC – the Royal Veterinary College has been collating information from vets treating affected cats to try to identify the cause.
In the last few days, a common link has been found between cases. A factory making cat food for several companies called Fold Hill foods.
This company makes food for Pets at Home (AVA) food, Applaws dry cat food and Salisbury’s hypoallergenic recipe complete dry cat food.
The company has issued a voluntary recall on these foods, and it is very important that if you suspect that you are feeding these foods to your cats, that you stop doing so immediately. The manufactures involved have asked affected consumers to contact them.
We would urge you to present your cat to a vets if you think they may have eaten any of the foods in the links below, as some cats are not yet presenting with symptoms. Please check any stored food before opening a new bag.
The food standards agency is involved with this recall and this is a link to their website . https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts/alert/fsa-prin-36-2021-update-1?fbclid=IwAR385JZPIytZYIu_rPjhLTw0Jn370OPmsoh6ehEvWiVcp2PjQug3yGy4660
Below is a link to the manufactures website with details of the brands, types of diet and batch numbers affected by the recall.
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