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I have been a pet owner for many years and have seen many vets in this times but Zoë North is the best vet I have ever had.

Zoe is very caring and not of the pound signs in the eyes and make as much money as you can regardless of the health of the animal concerned and if it is going thoughtlessly to not make the animal well.
I have a large multi – pet household and Zoë cares for and looks after them and sorts out all their problems health wise of which there has been many.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoë North and her wonderful nurses. New Lodge will care and treat your pets with all the love and care they and you deserve.

Ivy Sarath

As one of Zoe’s first customers, almost 10 years ago, I like to think that I, Zoe and her nurses are friends.

Zoe is kind, considerate and very professional in all aspects of her work. She has looked after my 5 cats, sometimes in difficult situations, but always her professionalism and sympathetic manner, has always ensured that I have had the best possible treatment for my pets.

Mrs J M Bird

We have known Zoe since 2005 when she first opened her veterinary surgery in Polebrook. Since our first visit with a very poorly cat she has always been caring and supportive. Her nurses are knowledgeable, approachable and care. I feel that as a team they are always ready to go the extra mile for their clients, which is always reassuring. Of our six cats, two of them have needed very specialist care which they have both received from Zoe and they continue to do really well.

We are all very lucky to have a caring vet who is just down the road, Thank you, Zoe, and Louise.

Tracy Westley

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. North and Louise at New Lodge Veterinary! I moved here with several special needs dogs and cats and worried that I wouldn’t find one clinic that would be able to accommodate my crew. Luckily, I found New Lodge Vets.

Dr. North is an experienced vet with a varied background and keeps up to date on the latest developments. All this was perfect for my pets who require regular visits to the clinic for a variety of issue. Allergies, urinary issues, joint problems, eye issues, and sheer idiocy – New Lodge Vet handles it all. They are able to do many tests on site, which eliminates the need see multiple vets about the same issue, and is very convenient. Louise is unflappable and handles all my emergencies with aplomb which soothes my rattled nerves. If they don’t have something I need, they are able to order it and have it in 24 hours.

Dr. North and Louise are an amazing pair and I consider myself lucky to have them to care for my ragtag crew.

Jessica Soderbeck

Having had both large and small pets all my life, I have used many veterinary practices over the years with mixed degrees of satisfaction.

On moving to Polebrook 7 years ago, we have taken our animals to New Lodge Veterinary Centre. During the whole of that time we have always received the highest standards of care from both Vet Zoe North, and Head Nurse Louise, without exception the attention that our pets have received has been second to none. In the best of times with new puppies and in the worst of times saying goodbye to loyal friends, Zoe and Louise handle both extremes of the life cycle with a friendly professionalism second to none.
What prompted me to write this testimonial is that we recently had a Pug dog, who suffered a corneal ulcer. Zoe didn’t go the extra mile to see us through the crisis. She must have gone and extra 210 mile! We can’t thank her enough.

Furthermore, the dogs can’t wait to get into her surgery – now that’s them voting with their paws!
Our heartfelt thanks go to Zoe and Louise.

I would highly recommend anyone to take their pets to New Lodge Veterinary Centre. As I said at the beginning, I have used a myriad of veterinary practices with mixed satisfaction. At New Lodge satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sue Reeve

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